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Archive for November 2011

Day Three – November Contest

It’s day 3 for Lisa and I’s contest.  Is everyone having fun yet? 🙂 Today we’re tagging.  No, that’s not the playground game were you run up and touch somebody before yelling, “Tag.  Your it!”  lol This is about placing “tags” on Amazon to make it easier for readers to find authors books.  It’s pretty…

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Day Two – November Contest

Are y’all ready for day two of this scrumptious November contest? 🙂  This will be another easy one. In honor of Lisa’s third Vampire Wardens book, HOT VAMPIRE TOUCH, please go to the Amazon Page and/or BN page and “like” the book.  For extra entries “like” Lisa or any of her other books. Be sure…

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Day one – November Contest

I’m still finding it hard to believe its the end of November.  And did we really just have Thanksgiving?  lol.  I’m so far down in the deadline den that I doubt I’ll see the light of day anytime soon. But its time for the November contest! yay!  I love doing contests.  There will be a…

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November Contest

Coming in November I’m doing another contest with the awesome Lisa Renee Jones to celebrate our releases.  Posted in this blog are the three graphics for the contest.  If you’d like to help us spread the word about the contest, simply right click on the graphic and save it to your computer. Be sure to…

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Rainbow of colors

I asked on my Facebook page about colors for covers, and I found it so interesting.  So, I thought I’d bring the question here. What colors do you not like/hate to see on covers? What colors do you like to see on covers? For me this is difficult.  It depends on so many factors –…

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More Cover Love!

I love when books release back to back, and St. Martin’s (my most awesome publisher) has scheduled me for not one, but four back to back releases over the next two years. Not including the three novellas being released as ebooks next summer between the back to back releases! As a reader, I love that. …

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Cover Love!

I’ve been holding off showing this awesome cover for my first Dark Warriors book – the next path from the Dark Sword series.  It’s been revealed now!  If you’re on my forum, you got an advanced view of it. Are you ready? 🙂 It’s so different from my Dark Sword covers, but I love it. …

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