Cover Love!

I’ve been holding off showing this awesome cover for my first Dark Warriors book – the next path from the Dark Sword series.  It’s been revealed now!  If you’re on my forum, you got an advanced view of it.

Are you ready? 🙂

It’s so different from my Dark Sword covers, but I love it.  I love the colors and even the guy, despite no hunky muscles showing.  I also like how the girl’s eyes are looking.  She looks exactly how I pictured Gwynn in my head!

Coming *very* soon is the reveal for Ian’s book – MIDNIGHT’S LOVER – that will release back to back with MIDNIGHT’S MASTER.

The back cover copy will come in late December/early January.

I’ve had lots of questions as to why the change in the covers, the titles, and the series title.  All I can say is that all the answers are in Broc’s book DARKEST HIGHLANDER (Jan 31, 2012).

There are some huge twists people won’t see coming, but all I can ask is that y’all trust me.  Everything will come out in the next books of the Dark Warriors series.


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