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Archive for September 2013

Midnight’s Temptation Part 3 Release

MIDNIGHT’S TEMPTATION Part 3 has released! He cut off her words by placing a finger over her lips. She was backed against rocks worn smooth by the water. Her heart raced, her blood burned. And her body ached. All for Phelan. He could turn her into a wanton with simply a look. His blood might…

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Midnight’s Temptation Part 2 Release

MIDNIGHT’S TEMPTATION Part 2 has released! “There are Druids,” Phelan finally answered. “I’ve been to Skye a few times over my years, but no’ once did I encounter a Druid.” Aisley’s head swung to him with her forehead furrowed. “Why is that? Are they frightened of you?” “Most likely. Which begs the question, beauty. Why…

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Midnight’s Temptation Part 1!

It’s here! MIDNIGHT’S TEMPTATION Part 1 has released! His gaze jerked back to her face. A silent question lurked in her fawn-colored eyes. There was desire and need, but a hint of fear as well. Not fear of him, but fear of rejection. He held out his hand to her the same time his turned…

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