Midnight’s Temptation Part 2 Release

MIDNIGHT’S TEMPTATION Part 2 has released!

midnighttemptation_2“There are Druids,” Phelan finally answered. “I’ve been to Skye a few times over my years, but no’ once did I encounter a Druid.”

Aisley’s head swung to him with her forehead furrowed. “Why is that? Are they frightened of you?”

“Most likely. Which begs the question, beauty. Why are you no’ scared of me?”

“It’s your eyes,” she said softly.

Phelan tugged her against him so their conversation wouldn’t go beyond them. “You’ve no’ asked to see me in Warrior form.”

“Should I have?”

“Aye.” He studied her fawn-colored eyes. He’d seen the marks on her wrists. She had an explanation for them, and he hadn’t found a Demon’s Kiss. But how could he have missed that she hadn’t asked to see his Warrior form?
Was that because she’d seen a Warrior before? If that was the case, that could only mean she was involved with Jason Wallace.

Phelan’s hand tightened on her hip. “Tell me why you’ve no’ been curious to see what I look like.”

“Do you think I’ll run from you?” she asked with a grin that didn’t quite reach her eyes.

“Stop, Aisley. Doona jest. Tell me the truth.”

She glanced away before she placed her hand atop his arm. “I feel the devastating power inside you. You fairly hum with it. The way you move, the way you take everything in. You’re a predator, Phelan. You’re dangerous and ferocious. I know you’re skin and eyes change. I know you’ll have claws and fangs, but I don’t have to see that change to know the fierce, untamed man before me is a Warrior.”

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