Midnight’s Temptation Part 3 Release

MIDNIGHT’S TEMPTATION Part 3 has released!

midnighttemptation_3He cut off her words by placing a finger over her lips. She was backed against rocks worn smooth by the water. Her heart raced, her blood burned.

And her body ached.

All for Phelan.

He could turn her into a wanton with simply a look. His blood might heal, but it was his touch that she considered life for he had made her feel something good and right again.

Aisley had forgotten what that was. She suffered, she endured, but not once had she ever been so cared for as she was in Phelan’s arms.

His fingers slid around her neck to cup the back of her head. The water moved sensuously between them. Aisley’s lips parted on a sigh when Phelan’s body glided along hers, rubbing against her nipples.

“So damned beautiful,” he murmured.

Blue-gray eyes stared at her from beneath thick black lashes. His large hand held her head steady while he lowered his face to hers.

Her eyes slid close at the first brush of his lips. The kiss was slow, pleasing, and all together romantic. Aisley had never had a single romantic thing done to her, and Phelan’s kiss took her aback.

He didn’t let her retreat. Instead, he deepened the kiss, demanding more. She didn’t hesitate to give him everything she was, even a part of her she’d been holding back – the smallest part of her that was still the little girl with big dreams for her future.

Aisley released her hold on herself. She gave him all that she had, including what was left of her soul. Phelan would never know he held her heart and soul in the palm of his hands. It her gift to him – and herself.

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