Midnight’s Promise Part 1 Release

The start of Malcolm’s book in serial format has begun!

Midnight Promiseebook1He stood tall and commanding, large and impressive. His arms hung by his side, belying the alertness she sensed within him.

He wore the charcoal gray tee as if it were a second skin. It molded to every hard muscle and valley of his body, making her yearn to tear the shirt off and see him in all his glory.

 The dark jeans were still damp from the rain and hung low on his hips. She had the insane urge to ask him to turn around so she could see his bum.

Evie let her gaze rake back up his trim hips to the deep V of his chest, to his impossibly wide shoulders. That’s when she saw more scars half hidden on his neck by his hair and his shirt.

He was danger and torment hulking in the doorway with a mouthwatering body and enthralling azure eyes. He was sex in its most primal and untamed form.

And she couldn’t believe he was within reach.

His deep, sultry voice was a weapon on its on, but combined with his eyes and rock-hard body, Evie had to force her mind to remember what they were talking about.

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