Midnight’s Promise Part 2

MIDNIGHT’S PROMISE Part 2 is now available!

Midnight Promisebook2The glow of the torch cast his skin in a golden flush. She set the torch on a rock and took in the scars on Malcolm’s right shoulder and down his back and side.

Scar tissue so thick it appeared mangled met her gaze. It looked as if someone had taken a blade and cut stripes from his neck, down his back and onto his side.

She couldn’t imagine the pain he’d suffered. Without thinking, she reached out and touched him.

He moved so quick that it took her a second to realize he had her wrist in an iron grip while droplets of cool rain fell upon her from his hair and body.

“Doona,” he ground out.

Evie swallowed and lifted her chin. She met his blue gaze, surprised to find they no longer looked at her dispassionately. There was anger there now.

For reasons she’d probably never understand, she wanted to touch his scars. She wanted him to know they only enhanced the man he was. Evie had never been able to say what people needed to hear. But in this, she could show Malcolm.

She tried to lift her hand to his face, but he held her fast, almost daring her to try again. She did. And this time he allowed it.

Slowly, she traced the pad of her finger down a scar that went the length of his cheek to his bearded jaw and then to his neck.

All the while, she kept her gaze locked with his. The anger faded, replaced with…desire.

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