Midnight’s Promise Part 3

It’s release day! MIDNIGHT’S PROMISE Part 3 is available!!

Midnight Promisebook3Malcolm roared his fury. He threw a bolt of lightning at Wallace as he leapt toward him. Malcolm smiled when he caught Jason by surprise and landed on his chest, pinning him to the ground.

He wrapped a hand around Wallace’s neck and squeezed. “We found a way to kill Deirdre. We’ll find a way to kill you.”

“We?” Wallace laughed and touched Malcolm’s arm holding his throat.

Malcolm bit back a bellow of anger as fire raced up his skin, scorching him. He refused to release Jason though. e sunk his claws into Wallace’s neck and smiled when his blood flowed. “You will die.”

A massive blast of magic hit Malcolm square in the chest and sent him somersaulting through the air. He shifted in the air to land on his feet and spotted Wallace standing.

“I’ve already died, you miserable fuck! You can no’ kill me. No one can.”

“Want to bet?” Malcolm threw his words back at him.

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