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Archive for February 2016

Dark Alpha’s Embrace Teaser 3

River walked with the book to the podium and gently set it down. She took a deep breath and slowly released it. Unable to help herself, she ran her gloved finger down the spine of the book. The gold letters were faded now. Only portions of each were visible. The words were written in an…

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Dark Alpha’s Embrace Teaser 2

“Leave,” River ordered. The Dark moved closer, the point of her sword nicking his skin so that a bead of blood formed. “Do you know what you are?” “I have a Fae blade in my hand. Of course I know what I am.” “Where did you get the weapon?” the Light asked. River didn’t budge…

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Dark Alpha’s Embrace Teaser #1

Talin ran a hand down his face. “Are you lonely?” “What the hell kind of question is that?” “One that, as your friend, I’m asking you to answer.” Kyran stared at him a long time before he let out a deep breath. “When Death asked me to join the Reapers, I knew what the rules…

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