Dragon King Flash Drives

A special thank you to Jeff and the amazing team at USB Memory Direct for the gorgeous flash drives! I can’t wait to put these in readers’ hands.


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  1. Raquel Howard on April 8, 2016 at 8:18 pm

    Hi Donna, wish to have one of your dragon king USB drive. I want to have one momento from the Kings. I love all your books specially, Dark World and I am currently enjoying the Dragon Kings & love Con. After you introduce Con & Rhi in the Warriors series.. I thought they have a love quarel for millenia and after following their stories… I started to have a mix feelings and confusing me sometimes. But I still love Con. He is my dragon king. My first book I read from your collection was from the The Shield series. Since then I couldn’t stop wondering your next book. I haven’t read your other series i.e. the Reapers, Rogues of Scotland & Royal Chronicles but I bought a copy on kindle. I love listening to audiobook as well. I have a copy of your books in both format. Are you planning to release an audiobook for Rogues of Scotland series or Reapers series? I’m waiting for the Reapers on Audible. I hope you are planning to release the Reapers on audible. Thank you & keep writing a good & wonderful stories. ???? ????

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