Self-Care Journey Month 19


Hello, August! I went back and skimmed the past months I’ve blogged this year, and I always seem to be so surprised when a new month rolls around. That’s because I genuinely am shocked. Usually, I’m looking at my two planners and seeing what all I need to do for my current writing deadline and getting ready for the next release. After the release, I’m still writing/revising/editing as well as calculating sales to see how the release went. Next thing I know, it’s time to write a new blog.

July has been pretty amazing. Every month this year has been that way, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Sure, I could’ve allowed myself to be depressed and wallow in all that had gone wrong in my life. I choose instead to look at things as a fresh start, a way to take stock of my life and what I wanted. That was one of the hardest things. What did I want? What was it that I longed for? It took some soul searching, and it didn’t happen right away. It took several weeks. Moving into the apartment—alone—gave me that time. It’s the first time I’ve lived by myself, and I’m loving it. No more picking up after a significant other and/or kids. Just myself. I can have things exactly like I like them without having to justify what I need or get upset that no one else is putting things away. My roomba (named Jarvis) runs daily to pick up of Sisko’s fur (damn, but that dog sheds!). Being on my own has its own challenges and triumphs, but this is exactly where I need to be.

One of those challenges has been forcing myself to take a hard look at my life. I’m a workaholic, so I have to schedule days off or I’ll run myself into the ground. (I know because I’ve done it. Multiple times.) I’ve found my love of yoga again. Meditation has been a true joy that I do incorporate daily. It’s almost as if when I asked myself what I wanted, all sorts of opportunities occurred. My self-care hasn’t stopped, but it was as if things kicked into overdrive. I’m more attuned to…well, everything. I’ve surrounded myself with plants. I used to have a large garden, but I haven’t in several years. I do have a few plants outside on my small patio, but most are inside. How had I forgotten my love (and need) to have plants? I can’t answer that, but I did. Once I began to fill my space with plants, the happier I became. So, I just kept adding them. They’re in corners, on stands, hanging from the ceiling, and they make me deliriously happy.

One self-care ritual I do often is declutter. Sometimes it’s my email, sometimes it’s my pantry, and sometimes it’s my closet. Recently, I read a nonfiction book (not something I normally do, but I felt a call to read it). The book is about manifesting the life I want. It was recommended by several authors, and I bought it last year. It’s taken me this long to read it, but it struck a chord. Deeply. I realized that this woman was right. For example, some of you might have seen my post on FB where I talked about watching a courtroom drama and thinking that I haven’t been called for jury duty since my kids were young (and I was able to get out of it). I also wondered what it would be like to sit on a murder trial. THE. NEXT. DAY…I got a jury summons. I kid you not.

I laughed about it, thinking, holy shit. The Universe listened. I registered and found I was to report to court the following Monday. I looked at my calendar and saw it was my “free” week (which means I’m not actively writing a book, but getting ready to), though I had several appointments and conference calls scheduled. They could all be moved, but I would also have to board Sisko. He has separation anxiety, so I hate to board him unless I have no other choice. That entire weekend I told the Universe that it wasn’t a good time or the jury summons. Monday morning I was notified that the trial I was going to see if I was picked for had been postponed and I was no longer needed.

To say my mouth hit the floor would be an understatement.

The book, if you’re wondering is, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. This book has changed my life. I’ve told every woman I know about it, and I’m speaking about it here, because this is something we all need to read and learn. For the first time in my life, I’ve done a Vision Board. My iphone wallpaper and computer wallpapers mimic my vision board (you can do it free on after finding the pictures you want on Pinterest). I’ve changed my password to my money goal. Every day I write down what I’m asking the Universe for. I also make sure I give gratitude each day.

Every step I’ve taken this year has led me to discover something new each month that seems as if it was meant to be all the while leading me to more amazing things. What I’ve learned is never stop looking for new wonders, never give up on what could be. But most important… Know what it is you want. No matter how big or how small, because we need to remind ourselves that what our souls crave is important. We won’t be truly happy and content until we hear our wants/needs and grant them to ourselves.

Dream big, lovelies. And ask the Universe for what you want, because you’ll never know if you can get it unless you ask.

I’ll leave you this month with one of my favorite songs.





“The universe is always speaking to us…sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more.”

~ Nancy Thayer

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  1. Raquel Reyes on August 2, 2021 at 5:31 pm

    Hello! Wow and THANK YOU for sharing YOUR story, thoughts and vision for your life. I was blown away by this post and really grateful for 1) the book recommendation 2) the willingness to be authentic and honest with yourself and your readers 3) all the great inspiration and 4) the insight and wisdom you shared. I am in a similar situation starting over and I feel somewhat lost. This post felt so incredibly serendipitous and from a most welcome source. I feel like you just handed me a compass and a map and said “Have a great journey!” Thank you so much for sharing.💖

    • Donna on August 3, 2021 at 9:42 am

      I’m so happy that my post resonated with you. Remember that you aren’t on this journey alone. So many of us are on it. I have no doubt you’ll find your way quick enough. ❤️

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