Self-Care Journey Month 24



I love the start of a new year. It’s like having a clean slate. The last two years have been difficult for everyone, and we’re all just so over the pandemic. This last week, I’ve done a lot of looking inward. Part of me can’t believe 2021 is over, and another part is ready to move forward. Overall, 2021 was much better than 2020. I hope you can say the same. But I know that I’m looking forward to this next year with a big smile, because I’m going to manifest a good year. If we all manifest it, then it’ll have to be good, right?

One thing that pops in my inbox every day is a Note from the Universe. These always make me smile. They’re uplifting and inspiring. Somehow, it’s always exactly what I need to hear. Did I mention it’s free? Try it out for yourself. Trust me. It’s worth it!!

Something else I highly recommend is jotting down 30-50 of your accomplishments this past year. It’s something I got from Denise Duffield-Thomas (author of Get Rich Lucky Bitch and money mindset mentor). If you can’t afford to take her classes, by the book. Sign up for her newsletters. Because there’s so much incredible wisdom she shares. This is the first year I’ve written down my accomplishments. We tend to forget what we’ve done during a week or month, much less a year, but it’s so worth it. We can see how far we’ve come, what we achieved, what goals we met, and what ones we should look forward to in the next year. More than anything, it’s a great way to feel as if you’ve completed something. So, start your sentence with “I’m proud of…” and find 30-50 things. Keep writing. If you need help, find a buddy, and you can push each other to keep finding things. This was such an amazing, wonderful, awe-inspiring exercise that I’ll be doing every year!

I felt so dragged down in December. I’m still not sure why, but everyone I spoke with felt the same so I know it wasn’t just me. Yet, now, I feel an excitement I’ve not felt for some time. I’m more grounded than ever before. There’s a connection I’ve not had for many, many years, and it brings me such joy. I wouldn’t be here without having to crawl my ass through Hell and back, but it was worth every inch. I like the person I’ve become (which we all know isn’t an easy thing to do), and I’ve embraced my flaws. Overall, I’m happy in my skin. I want everyone to experience this joy, because it’s all right there at our fingertips. We just have to reach out and grasp it.

I’ll continue my self-care in this coming year. It has been a life-changer for me. As I’ve said many times, it isn’t all about the bubble baths, face/hair masks, mani/pedis, or alone time to recharge. It’s about our mental health, it’s about our emotional health, it’s about connecting to our souls, and truly listening for what we need—and giving it to ourselves.

You are never alone. We may feel like we are at times, but we aren’t. So celebrate the good, drink to the bad (that is hopefully out of your lives—or about to be), and plan your next steps. An awesome year awaits you. I can’t wait to see what you achieve!

This month’s song is from the incredible Witcher season 2! It’s Henry. With a sword!!!!!!!! What’s not to love?






“Every day brings a chance for you to draw your breath, kick off  your shoes, and dance.”

~ Oprah Winfrey

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  1. Cheryl Conrad on January 5, 2022 at 9:51 am

    So Donna, you both ended my 2021 on a high note and started my 2022 on a high note! I was a winner of a free audio book from you in December. I NEVER win anything so I was absolutely thrilled. I have MS and my vision is going. I cant read print books anymore and my ebooks have to be set to ginormous for me to read them, but I do it! This was my first audiobook ever and I was not sure how I would like it.

    As luck would have it, 2 days after getting the code, covid hit my house! My granddaughter caught it and in spite of vaccinations so did the rest of us. Now imagine this, I’ve got a pile of Christmas pajamas and gifts to sew, im caring for the sickies and all I really want to do is disappear with and into a good book! So my future daughter in law explained i could listen while I sewed in between caring for the sick. I REALLY needed this because my husband is THE trifecta of comorbidities, heart disease, diabetes, and a few others (but thankfully vaxxed) and I am in almost full panic mode because I have a sick child who is 6, and a sick spouse! And others are symptomatic except me so far. So one night after everyone was tucked in for the night I locked myself in my sewing room, set my lighted magnifying lamp up for sewing and started my first audio book!

    I FELL IN LOVE with the audio book format and your Cowboys series which I had not gotten a chance to read yet. I discovered that I could still enjoy books when my eyes finally give up the ghost, or I finally decide to admit they have whichever happens first lol.

    Girl, you changed my life! Now about ending the Reaper series…..can you not do that????????

    Thank you so much for being such a fantastic writer and for providing me a way to step out my issues and into the greatest world ever written! And a huge thank you for showing me I can still enjoy books no matter what life throws at me!

    • Donna on January 5, 2022 at 10:05 am

      This post made my day. I’m so happy that the audio worked out for you. I’m also sending lots of healing vibes to you and your family so all of you can get through this and heal quickly.

      As for the Reapers, trust me, you’ll like how I move things into the Skye Druids. 🙂

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