Cover Reveal – Still of the Night



Take a look at this stunningly beautiful cover for the next Skye Druid book STILL OF THE NIGHT by the amazing Hang Le. It’ll be out September 10, 2024!




Forest child they call me. It is within the woods that I find solace and feel the magic of my ancestors. For I am a Druid. One who can trace her roots from the very first to call the Isle of Skye home.

The isle draws many to its magical shores. It drew him. Imposing, bold, and handsome. We fell hard and fast that summer. Then he left with the tide to the city.

I learned to live with the cracks and fissures on my pieced-together heart, the scars only I can feel.

Until the day he walks back into my life asking for a second chance. I yearn to give it to him. How can I not? He’s the only one I’ve ever loved.

The only one I will ever love.

But there is a darkness growing on the isle—a treacherous evil that has targeted him. I’ve lost him once.

I won’t lose him again.

A Druid with a secret past. A man looking for a second chance. Return to Scotland and New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant’s Skye Druids, where magic and danger intertwine and a tale of love, sacrifice, and second chances unfolds.


✨ Soulmates
✨ Second chance
✨ Different worlds
✨ Alpha Hero
✨ Badass heroine
✨ Heroine saves herself
✨ Supernatural powers
✨ Found family


***Will be available in ebook, paperback, and audio.***

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