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She’s the most dangerous being alive…and the only one I crave.

I feel her across realms. Through the vast emptiness of space, weaving among the stars. She is the Queen of Violets. Powerful, shrewd, defiant. Utterly exquisite. Feared among her own and pursued by all.

She is the Dragon Queen.

I was an ordinary MI5 agent before being thrust into the world of Dragons Kings, Fae, Reapers, and magic. But it was a world I soon discovered I was bound to by blood from my Druid ancestors.

The instant we met, I was hers. Forever. I would have ripped the moon from the sky for her. I would have razed worlds. Then she deceived me.

Yet, I can’t stop thinking about her. Craving her. She’s in my very psyche, like a fever that burns through my veins like dragon fire. Scorching and eternal.

When I sense a malicious danger closing in around her, I defy every rule to get to her.

My love.

My queen.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant delivers one of the most anticipated books in the exhilarating Dragon King series.

Tropes include…

🩷 Fated mates
🩷 Strong heroine
🩷 Forced proximity
🩷 Shifter romance
🩷 Different worlds
🩷 Found family
🩷 Slow burn

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  1. Maria Rodriguez on July 11, 2024 at 10:10 am

    I just finished reading DRAGON BORN and I loved it! I have been a fan of Henry since the beginning of his story. I’m glad he and Melisse found each other. I look forward to reading more about their story.

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