Wicked Treasures Box Set

About the Book

The WICKED TREASURES Box set includes the following novellas:

Seized by Passion
Enticed by Ecstasy
Captured by Desire

Word count: 56,000

The WT box set are stories about sexy, seductive couples set in exotic locations.


Forced to take drastic measures to keep his people from dying out, Achates risks his life to save a woman only to learn she’s the one deemed strong enough to rule with him by Poseidon himself.


For six long years vengeance has driven Channing St. John.  He will do anything – even if it means using his enemy’s daughter – to punish the man responsible for ripping his world apart and nearly killing him.


Deep in the Carpathian Mountains, Cristian Dragomire has spent his life hiding what he is.  All that changes when his parents go missing. Cristian and Jules will face more than their missing parents on the mountain – they’ll face their overwhelming attraction and a love that’s destined to unite them. But will it be enough to overcome the creature out to kill them?

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