Shoulder the Skye

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Title: Shoulder the Skye
Series: Skye Druids #2
Release Date: April 4, 2023

In her sexiest Skye Druid novel yet, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant weaves an intricate tapestry of magic, secrecy, and ultimate desire.

Passion will test the boundaries of life and death.

Bronwyn Stewart knows heartache. Death and danger have haunted her every step, but she’s prepared for what’s hunting her. Or as prepared as she can be. There’s only one outcome—and she’s ready for it. But a wickedly handsome Druid from her past returns and refuses to let her face the oncoming battle alone. He stirs something long buried within her. For the first time in years, a spark ignites within her that soon turns into a blaze that can’t be extinguished.

Forced to leave his beloved isle years ago to protect his family, Elias MacLean fears he’ll never see his home again. But Fate has other ideas. When a mission leads him back to Skye to investigate a rash of Druid murders, he finds another mystery to unravel—that of a gorgeous, reclusive drough. With foes lurking around every corner and an undeniable hunger that grows with every kiss, Elias risks it all for the woman he’s fallen for. Together they unleash an all-consuming passion that won’t be denied.

"SHOULDER THE SKYE is pure entertainment, danger, and pleasure that author Donna Grant weaves for her fans." ~ Fresh Fiction

“The Skye Druid series is magical, exciting, mysterious and romantic all in one. Oh, and just a bit spicy too. I highly recommend all of Donna Grant’s books.” – Joanne, reviewer

“Wow! The word for this book is intense.” – Delores, reviewer

“Shoulder the Skye, the second book in the Skye Druids by Donna Grant is one action packed suspenseful romantic read.” – Paula, reviewer

“SHOULDER THE SKYE is another complex, detailed and multi-layered story of power and control, betrayal and vengeance, madness and murder, magic and the supernatural. The premise is intricate and intriguing; the romance is seductive; the diverse characters are magical, powerful and determined.” – The Reading Cafe

“…action packed, steamy, heart wrenching and heartwarming. 5+ stars for this high octane, couldn't put down book!!!!” – Kristin, reviewer

“The chemistry between these two is off the charts!” – Laura, reviewer

“This story from the start kicks up and keeps the action going through the whole book!” – Words We Love

“This is one hair raising, gave me the chills, journey for Bronwyn and Elias.” – Nancy K, reviewer

Also in this series:

Bronwyn hated when she had to make a trip into town. She parked and shut off the engine to the old SUV, but she didn’t get out. She watched the rain pelt the windshield until it completely distorted the outside world.

She felt like the glass. Bombarded. Flooded. Engulfed. She stared at the building before her. The only place within miles to get grocery items. It also doubled as a post office. The co-op didn’t have much of a variety but made up for it by stocking a little of everything.

Bronwyn drew in a deep breath as she steeled herself. Maybe she’d get lucky and there wouldn’t be many inside. The longer she waited, the more she tried to talk herself into coming back another time.

“For fuck’s sake. I’m an adult,” she mumbled and shoved open the vehicle door.

It creaked loudly, metal rubbing against metal. As soon as she stepped out, the rain drenched her. Bronwyn pulled up the hood to her raincoat and slammed the door closed. She walked toward the door, her Wellies splashing in the puddles.

A small bell chimed when she walked into the co-op. Almost immediately, her gaze landed on four people toward the back. They didn’t look her way, but they didn’t need to in order for her to recognize them. The fight or flight response wavered as she contemplated leaving. It was the sound of the cash register drawer closing that drew her attention. Her gaze met the pale green eyes of the cashier, Kirsi.

They had never been enemies, but Bronwyn wouldn’t call her a friend either. Kirsi thanked the customers who had just paid, but her eyes never left Bronwyn. No way Bronwyn was going to leave now. She shoved back the hood of her coat. She lifted her chin and grabbed a basket as she started down the aisle.

She pulled out her mobile phone and opened it to the list. Coming into town for necessities was always the worst days for Bronwyn. She was determined to buy enough that she wouldn’t have to come for at least a month. It made her contemplate having deliveries again, but that meant spending extra, and she was stretching money as far as she could at the moment.
The only way to make things better would be if she could disappear altogether. Unfortunately, that wasn’t an option. Well, it was, but she couldn’t do that quite yet. So, that left her right back in her current predicament. The despised errand day.

It wasn’t as if she particularly liked food. She’d be fine not eating, if it was an option. Sadly, it wasn’t. Food was there to keep her alive. Nothing more. Nothing less. She didn’t understand people who called themselves foodies. What even was that? She certainly didn’t understand those who loved to cook.

Bronwyn gathered the items she needed and moved to the next aisle. She inwardly berated herself for not paying attention to others and ending up on the aisle with the group she’d seen when she first entered. There was no escape either, because Sarah, the leader of the pack had caught sight of her.

“Well, well, well,” Sarah said as she put back the can she’d been looking at. “What do we have here?”

“A drowned rat,” Lizzie said with a snooty laugh.

Sarah grinned, her malicious intent clear. “A drowned rat indeed. Bronwyn, you look worse for wear. I mean, that hair. Really.”

Bronwyn felt her wet hair sticking to the sides of her damp face. She fought the urge not to reach up and shove it away. Sarah was a bully. Had been since they were children. And she hadn’t grown out of it in the years since. Nor had the others who ran around with her.

Bronwyn usually ignored the snippy comments. Normally, people left her alone for the most part. They were afraid of her. But not Sarah and her crowd. Bronwyn hated that people crossed the street to get away from her. Though, she could do without Sarah. Maybe it was time to put a little fear in her old frenemy.

The bell over the door dinged as someone entered the building. Bronwyn kept her gaze on Sarah as she closed the distance between them. The fear that flashed on Sarah’s face almost made Bronwyn smile. That was always the case when someone stood up to a bully.

“You have something to say about my hair?” Bronwyn asked her in a soft voice.

Sarah swallowed nervously and tried to back up, but the shelves and her friends blocked her way. “It’s…it’s wet.”

“Very perceptive.” Bronwyn looked her over slowly. “Perhaps I should say something about you. I know just the words.”

“No need.”

The fear that rolled off Sarah was palpable. Bronwyn held Sarah’s gaze as she muttered something unintelligible and walked away. When Bronwyn blew out a breath only to discover other customers staring at her. As soon as she met their gazes, they hurriedly looked away partly in fear and partly in disgust.

All but one person, that is.

The man stood on the next aisle watching her over the short shelves. He shoved his wet, dark blond hair away from his face. A thick lock fell back over his forehead. But it was his bright blue eyes that held her entranced, utterly enthralled. It felt as if he saw through all her defense straight to her soul—all her secrets laid bare.

He didn’t stare at her with contempt or quickly lower his eyes, hoping that she didn’t notice him. No, he looked at her. Unable to help herself, she studied him, noting the handsome face and square jaw dusted with a shadow of a beard that made him even more appealing. His eyes crinkled in the corners, and she realized that his lips had curved up in a smile. That’s when she noticed his mouth. Surely a man shouldn’t have such full lips, lips that made her think of his mouth against hers. Slow, wet kisses.

And deep, scorching, hungry kisses.

Her heart pounded, her breaths came faster, harsher, and her blood heated. Desire. Sizzling, brazen, beautiful desire.

It had been so long since she had experienced it. The dull memories of the past couldn’t compare to the spine-tingling intensity that found her now. She pulled her eyes from his mouth and found herself caught in his gaze again. It was a mistake, but even as she realized it, she couldn’t stop herself from drowning in the incredible blue shade.

Time paused. The world ceased. It was only her.

And him.