Dragon Kings

***Information as of DRAGON REVEALED and DARK ALPHA’S OBSESSION. If you’ve not read these book, there will be SPOILERS.***


The very first species to inhabit the earth. They are the strongest, most powerful beings on the realm. They made room for the mortals before a betrayal turned the two against each other. Now the Dragon Kings hide among the mortals as they make their famous Dreagan whisky.


King of Browns. He has chin length black hair and black eyes. His power is the ability to take possession of someone’s mind for a short period. Dragon tattoo is yin yang dragons on his back. Find his story in BLAZE.
Mated to Devon


King of the Turquoises. Forced out of his dragon sleep by Con, he wakes to find his brethren in the midst of war. He has long black hair and champagne colored eyes. His power is the ability to control the weather. His dragon tattoo is a dragon on his left leg, climbing with wings tucked, head lifted and at Arian’s hip. Find his story in DRAGON KING.
Mated to Grace


King of the Hunter Greens. Con sends him to Paris for the annual World Whisky Consortium. He has short black hair and green eyes with the power to heal burns caused by dragon fire. His dragon tattoo is on his left arm from wrist to shoulder with the dragon perched along his arm to his elbow with the claws sank into the skin and growling as the tail ends at his wrist. Find his story in DRAGON FEVER.
Mated to Rachel


King of the Blues. He has short dark brown hair and gray eyes. His power is the ability to make someone hallucinate. His tattoo is two dragons intertwined upon his chest. Find his story in DAWN’S DESIRE and DARK HEAT.
Mated to Jane


Son of Constantine and Rhi. He has long black hair and black eyes. 


King of Navy. Black hair with deep green eyes. Has the power to use a cone of hot sand.  Dragon on chest, standing with wings semi-open. Find his story in Flame.
Mated to Norren

Cináed (KIN-naY)

King of Moonstone. He has light brown hair and gray eyes. His power is that he can learn anything and master it. His tattoo is on his left side down to his knee as if crawling up his leg. You can find his story in Dragon Claimed.
Mated to Gemma

Constantine aka Con

King of Dragon Kings as well as King of Golds. With surfer boy blond hair and black eyes, he’s never without his gold dragon head cuff links. He can heal anything except death. He’s the leader, the one who has stayed awake through the centuries and is determined to see once more see dragons live free upon the realm. Dragon on back lying down with wings open. Find his story in Inferno.
Mated to Rhi.


King of the Dark Purples. He has long, dark blond hair and dark brown eyes. His dragon tattoo is on his back, the dragon perched and looking over Darius’ right shoulder. Find his story in SMOLDERING HUNGER.
Mated to Sophie


King of the Whites. He has short very dark brown hair and blue eyes. He has the power of thought cancellation. His dragon tattoo is draped along the back of his shoulders with his head on the left shoulder over his heart and the tail along the top of his right arm ending at the top of his hand. Find his story in FIRESTORM.
Mated to Faith


King of Corals. Has long blonde hair and brown eyes. His power is invisibility. His tat in on his left thigh and appears as if the dragon is emerging from his leg with its head, upper body, and half a wing. Find his story in DRAGON NIGHT.

Mated to Alexandra Sheridan


Daughter of Constantine and Rhi.


King of Reds. He has shoulder length honey brown hair and pale brown eyes ringed with black. He has the power to erase memories. His tattoo is on his back with the wings spread from shoulder to shoulder with the tail wrapping around the front to stop at his left hip. Head comes over right shoulder to breath fire across his chest. Find his story in NIGHT’S AWAKENING and DARK HEAT.
Mated to Elena

Haldor aka Hal

King of the Greens. He has long black hair and moonlight blue eyes. He has the power of sleep gas. The first of the Dragon Kings to fall in love, letting everyone know the spell put into place so that wouldn’t happen had been broken. Dragon tattoo: head of dragon starting at his left shoulder with tail stopping at his right hip bone. Find his story in DARK CRAVING and DARK HEAT.
Mated to Cassie


King of the Bronzes. He has long, wavy caramel colored hair and celadon eyes. Along with the ability to pull wounds into himself, he is also the Keeper of History. He sees important events and records them. It means that he holds some of the most important secrets of the Dragon Kings, but to be able to function with is brethren, he makes himself forget some of the less important things. His tattoo is the head of a dragon on his left chest with the wings spread wind to cover his front and extending to his left arm. Find his story in DARKEST FLAME.
Mated to Denae


King of Citrines. Has the power to use shadows to drain another’s energy. Has dark brown hair and amber eyes. Dragon on right ribcage area with wings out as if hovering. Find his story in FEVER.

Mated to Bernadette Davies


King of the Burnt Oranges. He has wheat colored hair with shamrock green eyes. Has the power to freeze others. He’s best friends with Rhys. Dragon tattoo on the front of his chest with the head of the dragon on his neck. Find his story in BURNING DESIRE.
Mated to Shara


King of the Blacks.  He has long dark blonde hair and gunmetal eyes. His power is paralyzing gas. He runs his pub, The Fox and The Hound, in the village outside of Dreagan. His dragon tattoo is on his back, the head of the dragon on his left shoulder as it stand on its hind legs with semi-open wings and tail widing down to stop at Laith’s left butt cheek. Find his story in HOT BLOODED.
Mated to Iona Campbell


Queen of Violets.  She was the very first Dragon King and Dark Fae offspring. The King of Kings was fearful of her power, so kept her prisoner. Constantine allowed her to be freed. She has very long silver hair with black ends. Her eyes are whitish silver. Her power is cone of burning venom. 


King of Oranges. Has the ability to breath a beam of searing light. Has dirty blond hair and blue eyes. Best friends with Varek. Loves to give pep talks. Power is breath of searing light.


King of the Ivories. He has auburn hair and baby blue eyes. How power is projected thermography, which means once he sees something, he can paint or draw it. His tat is on his right arm with the tail and partial body of the dragon on his arm while the body curves over his shoulder and the dragon head comes down over his chest. Find his story in HEAT.
Mated to Esther North


King of the Yellows. He’s the one who constantly pushes Con, testing boundaries. He’s best friends with Kiril. He has long, wavy dark brown hair and aqua ringed dark blue eyes. He has the power to call the night and the shadows. His  dragon tattoo is the head of a dragon on his right chest and tail goes over his left shoulder to wrap around his left arm to his elbow; body of dragon on its side, wings tucked. Find his story in NIGHT’S BLAZE.
Mated to Lilliana (Lily)


King of Pale Blues. He has short, sandy blond hair and sea green eyes. He has the ability to control metals. His tat is a dragon on his chest flying with wings up and breathing fire. Find his story in DRAGONFIRE.

Mated to Sabina


King of Beige. He has red hair and bright blue eyes. His power is blinding light. His dragon tattoo is on his back flying with wings outstretched. You can find his story in Dragon Lost.
Mated to Annita


King of the Grays. He is the technological guru at Dreagan. He designs, creates, and implements all of their electronics. He also has an affinity for jelly-filled donuts. He has short blond hair and hazel eyes. His power is to project his prey with weakness. His dragon tattoo wraps his entire torso counter-clockwise with head in the center of his chest and tail ending at right butt cheek. Find his story in SMOKE AND FIRE.
Mated to Kinsey


King of the Steels. He has long, golden brown hair and topaz eyes. He goes off on his own to Venice to track Mikkel in order to prove Ulrik’s innocence. His has the power of breath of bolt of lightning.  His dragon tat is down his right leg, winding upward with the head at his abdomen and the tail ending atop his foot. Find his story in DRAGON BURN.
Mated to Gianna Santini


King of the Clarets. He has long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He has the power of sound manipulation. Tattoo is a dragon, standing with wings open, on his chest. Find his story in PASSION IGNITES.
Mated to Lexi


King of the Ambers. The newest Dragon King, he fell from the sky the day Hal met Cassie. Tristan has light brown hair streaked with gold and dark brown eyes. He is the reincarnated Warrior, Duncan Kerr, which allows him to have a foot in both the Dragon King world and the Warrior world. He has the ability to get into someone’s mind. His dragon tattoo is on his chest with wings wide and tail wrapping around his left side to his back. Find his story in FIRE RISING.
Mated to Samantha (Sammi)


King of Silvers. Much loved by all the Kings and closest to Constantine, when they discovered Ulrik was being betrayed by the human he was going to marry, they killed her. Ulrik, in his grief and rage, decided to wipe out the mortals, beginning a war. Ulrik had his magic bound and he was banished from Dreagan, but he vowed revenge. He has long black hair and gold eyes. Has the power to bring people back to life. His tattoo is a dragon on his chest with head near Ulrik's neck, wings wide.Find his story in TORCHED.
Mated to Eilish


King of Lichen. Blond hair and deep brown eyes. Best friends with Merrill. His power is energy draining shadows. His tattoo is on his left arm. You can find his story in Dragon Revealed.
Mated to Jeyra.


King of Teals. Has the power of dream manipulation. Formidable attorney for Dreagan who removed MI5 from the grounds. Vaughn takes care of all legal matters for Dreagan. He has short, light brown hair and Persian blue eyes. His power is dream manipulation. Find his story in DRAGON MINE.
Mated to Eurwen.


King of Coppers. V had his sword stolen by humans. Each time he wakes from dragon sleep to find it, destruction reigns across the world. Despite his need to find his sword, he doesn’t act rashly. He has long, dark brown hair and ice blue eyes. He has the power to mask himself while in dragon form, but he doesn’t know how others see him. His tattoo is on his back with the wings of the dragon on the back of each of his arms. Find his story in IGNITE.
Mated to Claire

Warrick aka War

King of the Jades. He has short blond hair and cobalt eyes. His power is protection. His dragon tattoo is on  the right side of his body from shoulder to hip. The dragon has its mouth open on a roar, rearing, with its wings open and up. Find his story in SOUL SCORCHED.
Mated to Darcy