***Information as of DRAGON LOVER and SHOULDER THE SKYE. If you’ve not read these book, there will be SPOILERS.***


Beings of immense beauty and power. They have their own realm that was partially destroyed in their civil war. Broken into two groups, Light and Dark. They came to Earth in hopes of finding a new home, but the Fae Wars broke out with the Dragon Kings when the Fae attempted to kill the mortals. The Dragon Kings allowed the Fae to remain if they adhered to rules and containing them in Ireland. The Fae can teleport, veil themselves for a few seconds, and use glamour to alter their appearance. Mortals are drawn to them.


Chose the upper half of Ireland to call theirs, the Light are known by their black hair and silver eyes. They are ruled by Usaeil, the Queen of Light who has a palace on the west coast of Ireland. The Light do mix with humans on occasion, but will only be with them once. That is enough to destroy a mortal with ever finding fulfillment with one of their own again.


Remain in the lower half of Ireland and ruled by the King of the Dark, Taraeth. He’s be king longer than any other before him. The Dark chose the power that turning to evil gives them. They grow stronger by taking the souls of humans during sex. With the first kill, a Dark’s eyes will turn red. Subsequent kills results in their hair beginning to turn silver, which is why the Dark have black and silver hair.

Dark King Series

Reaper Series