***Information as of DRAGON REVEALED and DARK ALPHA’S OBSESSION. If you’ve not read these book, there will be SPOILERS.***


Beings of immense beauty and power. They have their own realm that was partially destroyed in their civil war. Broken into two groups, Light and Dark. They came to Earth in hopes of finding a new home, but the Fae Wars broke out with the Dragon Kings when the Fae attempted to kill the mortals. The Dragon Kings allowed the Fae to remain if they adhered to rules and containing them in Ireland. The Fae can teleport, veil themselves for a few seconds, and use glamour to alter their appearance. Mortals are drawn to them.


Chose the upper half of Ireland to call theirs, the Light are known by their black hair and silver eyes. They are ruled by Usaeil, the Queen of Light who has a palace on the west coast of Ireland. The Light do mix with humans on occasion, but will only be with them once. That is enough to destroy a mortal with ever finding fulfillment with one of their own again.


Remain in the lower half of Ireland and ruled by the King of the Dark, Taraeth. He’s be king longer than any other before him. The Dark chose the power that turning to evil gives them. They grow stronger by taking the souls of humans during sex. With the first kill, a Dark’s eyes will turn red. Subsequent kills results in their hair beginning to turn silver, which is why the Dark have black and silver hair.

Dragon King Series


Dark Fae. Torturer of the Dragon Kings that the Dark kidnaps. Loathes Balladyn, and also plans to take Taraeth's place as King of the Dark.

Corroth Blackwood

Shara’s father and head of the family. He intends to do whatever it takes to keep his family feared and prominent within the Dark Fae.


Once a famous warrior among the Light and Captain of the Queen’s Guard, he fell during battle and was captured by the Dark. After centuries of torture, he turned Dark and is now the lieutenant to Taraeth. He has long black and silver hair and red eyes. He was best friends with Rolmir, Rhi’s brother. And he’s in love with Rhi.


Took over as Captain of the Queen’s Guard after Balladyn was lost. Has shoulder length black hair and a hawkish face. Is loyal to fault with Usaeil.


Powerful Dark Fae who studied ways to torture. He developed the Chains of Mordare that once locked on someone, can’t be removed. The chains weigh down a Fae and drain them of their magic. He was killed and the Chains of Mordare thought lost.


Dark Fae held as a slave by Taraeth and sent to Ulrik to spy on him. Instead, she and Ulrik devise a plan. She’ll give him information if he helps her get revenge on the one responsible for keeping her prisoner.


Dark Fae with long black and silver hair and red eyes. She is much more than she seems.
Mated to Cain

Rhiannon aka Rhi (r ee)

Light Fae who is the first female on the Queen’s Guard. She has long black hair and silver eyes, an obsession with OPI nail polish, shoes, and clothes. She likes to spend time alone on her private island. A friend to the Dragon Kings despite an affair with one that ended badly. Loyal to a fault. She inherited her mother’s inability to lie without feeling great pain. She also has the ability to destroy a realm or rebuild one.



Rhi’s brother who died in the Fae Wars. Was best friends with Balladyn

Shara Blackwood

Born into a prestigious Dark family, she’s not given a choice in what she will do. When she tries to fight her family, they keep her locked away for hundreds of years. She’s allowed free if she agrees to help the Dark catch a Dragon King. Only she falls in love with him and turns Light. Long black hair with a stripe of silver at the front. From Ireland.
Mated to Kiril


Muriel’s sister, also held as a slave. She is chosen by Mikkel as his lover. All the while, she sends her sister information to pass on to Ulrik.


King of the Dark who believes he’s untouchable while not trusting anyone. He’s still coming to terms with Denae cutting off his left arm. He rules the Dark with an iron fist along with Balladyn by his side as his lieutenant, and is known for killing anyone he believes might betray him.


Queen of the Light who also masquerades as an American movie star. She prefers to spend her time in Hollywood or making a movie rather than with her people in Ireland. Has never chosen a mate to take as her king, preferring instead to remain single. She can be flighty at times, but the Fae know not to cross her because she can be vicious and vindictive. Has set her sights on having Constantine, King of Dragon Kings, as hers.


Nephew to Usaeil who escaped the Light Court and watched as his family was killed one by one. He is the only Fae who can walk both the Light and Dark world with ease, with allies on both sides.

Reaper Series

Catriona Hayes

The last surviving member of her Hafling family, Cat waits for the Fae to kill her until she discovers the magic within her. She has long red hair and green eyes. She is sought after by Bran, but stands against him and makes a startling discovery that changes everything for the Reapers.
Married to Fintan

Ettie O'Byrne

Halfling raised for battle. She has shoulder length golden blonde hair and deep blue eyes.
Mated to Daire

Jordan Patterson

A mortal with an obsession with the Fae. She works in the police station in Edinburgh. She a pixie cut with dark blonde hair and turquoise eyes. Her interest in the Fae lead her to discover that she’s a Halfling.
Married to Baylon

Kyra Kavanaugh

Light Fae with straight shoulder length black hair and silver eyes. She knows of the Reapers, and it could be the very thing that gerts her killed.
Mated to Dubhan


Maeve the Merciless as she's know. A Dark Fae with long black and silver hair and a head for doing business.
Mated to Bradach

Neve Everwood

Light Fae from a powerful family who finds herself embroiled with the Reapers. She has long straight black hair and silver eyes. She is betrayed and killed by her brother, whereas Death makes her a Reaper.
Married to Talin

River White

After watching her family hunted by the Fae because they had Fae blood, River hides her appearance while searching for a set of 30 books from the Fae. She has long, straight dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. Is able to read and understand any and all Fae languages, even those that have died out millions of  years ago.
Married to Kyran


Halfling with auburn curls and a love of climbing.
Mated to Cathal

Thea Keegan

Halfling raised in an orphanage with a peculiar ability to master any instrument. She favors the violin. It isn’t until she helps Eoghan that she learns she is the daughter to Usaeil. Thea likes to keep her hair colored blue.
Married to Eoghan


Nephew to Usaeil who escaped the Light Court and watched as his family was killed one by one. He is the only Fae who can walk both the Light and Dark world with ease, with allies on both sides.