***Information as of FLAME and DARK ALPHA’S TEMPTATION. If you’ve not read these book, there will be SPOILERS.***

Alexandra Sheridan

Wealthy heiress who holds an ancient relic the Dragon Kings needs. Has curly shoulder length blond hair and hazel eyes.
Mated to Dorian


Has mid-length dark brown hair and brown eyes. Is foretold that she will meet a Dragon King.
Mated to Royden

Bernadette Davies

Has short black hair and jade eyes. Is intent on revealing the Dragon Kings to the world.
Mated to Keltan

Blossom Engel

Petite woman with black hair and indistinguishable eyes because of her glasses. She’s the personal assistant that helps Con at the WWC every year. She also knows who the Dragon Kings are, and has an group of men at her beck and call who can fight.

Cassandra (AKA Cassie) Hunter

Straight brunette hair and dark brown eyes. Comes to Scotland to start a new life. From Arizona.
Mated to Hal


Nurse and best friends with Sophie. She follows Sophie to the small village outside of Dreagan to open a practice. Claire has long blond hair and brown eyes.

Mated to V

Denae (DEN-ay) Lacroix

MI5 agent sent to Dreagan and used as bait to draw out a Dragon King. She’s saved by one instead. Long copper brown hair and whisky colored eyes. From South Padre Island, Texas.
Mated to Kellan

Detective Inspector MacDonald

A policeman in his 50s attempting to help Lexi find her friend’s killer. He has graying black hair and hazel eyes. He’s also the boss to Jordyn Patterson.

Devon Abrams

High ranking employee at Kyvor who is sought out to help Kinsey and Esther expose their corruption. Devon has brunet hair and blue eyes. She has a very distant connection to the Isle of Skye Druids, giving her magical gifts. She’s from England.
Mated to Anson

Donal Cleary

Irishman who owns The Porterhouse in London and other pubs all over Ireland. His knowledge of the Fae goes back for generations that has been passed down to him from his family. He makes it his business to know about all magical beings. He’s also Eilish’s father. He has a full head of white hair and a trimmed, white beard along with blue eyes.

Dorothy MacAvoy

In league with Ulrik to keep Darcy believing that her magic remained. Dorothy and her family going back generations have worked for Ulrik.

Elena Griffin

Brought to Dreagan under false pretenses by her boss from PureGems and saved while caving. Mid-length dark blonde hair and sage green eyes. From Atlanta, Georgia.
Mated to Guy

Faith Reynolds

Archeologist who is more interested in her work than anything else. From America.

Mated to Dmitri

Gianna Santini

American working in Venice who gets pulled into the Dragon King world by unknowingly working for Mikkel.

Mated to Sebastian

Grace Clark

A romance novelist looking to break writer’s block takes her onto Dreagan and into a Dragon King’s cave. She has short blond hair and navy eyes. She grew up in Los Angeles, but has spent the last several years living in Paris.
Mated to Arian

Harriet Smythe

Top management at Kyvor, she’s involved in wanting to expose the Dragon Kings. She’s tall with blond hair and blue eyes from Britain.

Henry North

MI5 agent who befriends Banan and helps the Dragon Kings fight against their enemies. He has a plain face with an average height that makes him perfect as a spy. He has light, sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. From London. Thanks to his sister, Esther’s, prying, he discovers that along with Esther, they are a brother/sister duo who helps keep the Druids in order. He is the JusticeBringer.

Iona (ay OH nuh) Campbell

Descendant of Warrior Hayden Campbell, she’s part of a family who protects the land bordering Dreagan where the Septagram is. She has wavy shoulder length blond hair and brown eyes. She’s from Scotland
Mated to Laith

Jane Holden

Known for being a bit of a klutz, Jan has short, straight auburn hair and coffee brown eyes. She comes to the UK in search of her half-sister. From Seattle, Washington.
Mated to Banan

Kinsey Burns

Computer guru who briefly worked with Ryder and fell in love with him. She is employed by Kyvor, a well known tech company. She has long dark brown hair and violet eyes. She’s from Scotland.
Mated to Ryder

Lexi Crawford

A trip with three friends turns tragic when one of them is killed by a Dark Fae. Lexi hunts down the one responsible, bringing her face to face with a Dragon King. She has straight, light brown hair and slate gray eyes. She’s from South Carolina.
Mated to Thorn

Lilliana (AKA Lily) Ross

Running from an abusive boyfriend, Lily finds herself at Dreagan. She’s nobility and from a very rich family, and she knows how to pilot a helicopter. She has very long straight black hair and black eyes. She’s from Sheffield, England.
Mated to Rhys


Human female that promised to be Ulrik’s mate, but ultimately set to betray him. She was killed by the Dragon Kings to protect Ulrik.

Rachel Marek

Journalist who exposes liars and frauds. She goes to Paris and the World Whisky Consortium to reveal who the Dragon Kings are. She has very long black hair and brown eyes. She’s from New York City.
Mated to Asher

Sabina Gabor

Romani descendant in Romania whose destiny is interconnected to that of the Dragon Kings.

Mated to Roman

Sam MacDonald

An alias used by either Ulrik or Mikkel

Samantha (AKA Sammi) Miller

Discovers she has a half-sister in Jane. Her old boyfriend gets her mixed up with the Mob, which is why she turns to Jane for help. She has wavy, long sandy colored hair and powder blue eyes. She’s from Oban, Scotland.
Mated to Tristan

Sophie Martin

Medical doctor who helps those who can’t or won’t go to a hospital. She is called to help Lexi. She has long red hair and olive colored eyes. From London.
Mated to Darius

Stanley Upton

CEO of Kyvor who has helped lead the charge against Dreagan and the Dragon Kings. He has graying blond hair and blue eyes. He’s captured by Con and being held at Dreagan for answers.


Esther & Henry North’s MI5 boss.