Dark Kings Series


The Beginning...

When time began there were creatures so vast, so powerful that they ruled all.


Every size, every shade of the magnificent beasts roamed the Earth. They ruled the skies, the land, and the water.

In each faction of dragons was born one with power greater than the others, but also magic. Not just any magic - dragon magic, the most powerful and formidable magic ever to touch the earth. It was these special dragons that became Kings of their colors.

Thousands of years passed, and then one day humans were created. An unknown force took each Dragon King and gave him the ability to shift from dragon to human form and back to dragon at will. It was done to guarantee there was peace between dragons and humans.

And for a time there was.

The Kings kept the humans safe, and in the process safeguarded that the dragons were protected.

Like all things, that serenity was shattered when humans began to hunt the dragons.

Chaos reigned as each King struggled to learn why the humans were killing dragons. It didn’t take long to discover it was the treachery of none other than a woman – a woman who had vowed to love one of the Dragon Kings, but instead betrayed him.

The War couldn’t be avoided. Thousands of humans and hundreds of dragons died. Whatever peace had been achieved was shattered with one simple betrayal.

The Kings with their vast dragon magic had but one choice – to send their beloved dragons to another realm. With the dragons gone, the Kings went into hiding.

No matter how much the humans tried to hunt them, they couldn’t be killed. For few know that only a Dragon King can kill another Dragon King.

Afraid of another woman deceiving his Kings, Constantine, the King of Kings, used his magic to prevent any of his Kings from ever caring for – or falling in love with – a woman.

So they lived millennia after millennia, through wars, industry booms, and emerging technology. They’ve hidden in plain sight, giving the world the best Scotch whisky to ever grace the land – Dreagan.

These are the stories of destiny and desire, magic and mystery, warriors and lovers. These are the forbidden cravings of the Dark Kings…

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