***Information as of DRAGON REVEALED and DARK ALPHA’S OBSESSION. If you’ve not read these book, there will be SPOILERS.***

Dragon King Series

an Doras

Pub in Ireland used by the Fae – both Dark and Light. Neutral territory.

Dooncarton Standing Stones

A stone circle on the west coast of Ireland.


Magical woods on Dreagan that border the Campbell property and extend far onto Dreagan.

Dreagan Distillery

Sixty thousand acres of magic settled by the Dragon Kings before humans ever arrived. A place were each King can retreat into a mountain for privacy and sleep. Dreagan is also the sight where Dreagan Scotch is distilled.

Fae Realm

Partially destroyed in their civil war. Some Fae still remain on the realm, but most have made Ireland their new home.

Fair Isle

Located in the Shetland Isles, it was the domain of Dmitri, King of Whites, and all white dragons. Recently, the location of a dragon skeleton found by Faith Reynolds with connections to the Druids and Fae.

Fires of Erwar

Special fires within a mountain on the Fae realm where weapons are forged that can kill a Fae.

Four Season Hotel George V, Paris

Hotel in Paris where Rachel and Asher stay during the World Whisky Consortium.


Pub owned by the Druid Eilish where Fae, Druids, & humans interact without any fights or deaths.

Hall of Heroes

Place on the Fae Realm where all the Fae heroes are listed.

Harken Manor

Place where Mikkel/Ulrik take up residence and bring Lexi to.


Where the Fae have chosen as their own. The Light remain in the north, while the Dark prefer the south.


Tech company Kinsey worked for located in London. They have a particular interest in the Dragon Kings as well as an alliance with Mikkel.


Human city on Zora where Jeyra resides and Varek was held as prisoner.

Paris La Defense Exhibition Centre

Location where the World Whisky Consortium is held each year.


Company located in London who know about the Dragon Kings and want to expose them. Both Elena and Jane worked for the company before helping to dismantle it.

Raasay Isle

Kellan’s sanctuary where he brings Denae to hide from the Dark Fae and MI5.

Royal Victoria Hospital

Located in Edinburgh and the place where Sophie and Claire work.


Another realm where Varek was taken and Con and Rhi's twins reside with the dragons.

Reaper Series

Death's Realm

A secret realm inhabited by Death who then brought the Reapers and their mates to live.


Island off the coast of Edinburgh that contains a concrete fort. The Reapers now use it as their base.


Situated in Killarney, Ireland, the land claimed by the O’Byrne’s holds strong magic – a black sword.


Prison realm created by Death to hold Fae.

Dark Sword/Dark Warrior Series

Cairn Toul Mountain

The chosen home of the powerful drough, Deirdre. Her ability to communicate with the stones allowed her to make a fortress within the mountain.

Dunnoth Tower

Castle where Tara was hiding out from the droughs.

Edinburgh Castle

The castle plays an important role throughout the DS/DW series, beginning with the meeting of Fallon and Larena.

Ferness, Scotland

Village where Charon Bruce has set up his pub as well as bought several buildings.

Fionaven Mountain

Situated in the far north-west corner of the Highlands, the mountain served as the home of Druids.


Celtic mound located there were Broc and Sonya find clues in their efforts to destroy Deirdre.


A major Scottish city as well as the starting point of Loch Ness.

Isle of Eigg

The place where Logan is transported into the future and where Gwynn discovers she is a Druid.

Isle of Skye

Home of the Skye Druids, one of the last groups of Druids in the world. Their power remains strong because of the magic within the isle. It’s also a place where the Druids can communicate with the Fae at the Fairy Pools.

Knights Bridge Pub

Pub owned by Charon in Ferness.

Loch Awe

Large body of water which also lends its name to a village on its banks.

MacLeod Castle

Destroyed by Deirdre in her quest to find the MacLeod brothers and unbind their god, the brothers return to the ruins and make it their home. It’s located on the northwest coast of Scotland. Once other Warriors and Druids came to the castle, they rebuilt it and shielded it to keep Deirdre and mortals from finding them.


The site southwest of Glasgow where Ronnie Reid decided to set up her archeological site. Also the place where the selmyr were buried.

Ring of Brodgar

A stone circle on the Orkney Isles that will enhance the magic of Druids who gather there. Used by the Druids of MacLeod Castle to defeat droughs.

Torrichilty Forest

The place where the infamous Torrichilty Druids resided. The very first Druid to offer himself to a god to become a Warrior was a Torrachilty Druid.