Dragon Arisen Hardcover


In the latest story in the scintillating Dragon King series, Donna Grant, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, unites a sexy, determined Dragon King and an enigmatic woman who holds him enthralled.

You have to burn before you can rise.

Handsome. Commanding. Powerful. Alasdair isn’t a Dragon King to sit and wait. His carefully laid plans dissolve when he comes upon an enchanting woman. Lotti’s beauty beguiles him, her spirit intrigues him. The longer he’s with her, the more mysteries he uncovers. And the more his passion grows. He never expects she will lead him into the heart of Stonemore —while ensnaring his at the same time. With their enemies closing in, Alasdair will do anything to protect the woman he’s destined to love.

If there’s one thing Lotti knows, it’s that she’s a danger to others. She keeps her distance. Always. But all that changes when she lands in a difficult situation…with a gorgeous, seductive man. Every choice somehow leads her straight back to Alasdair. She can’t ignore his sexual magnetism or the undeniable desire between them. Their journey unravels everything she knew about herself to reveal a carefully constructed fallacy. Yet, she discovers an inner strength she didn’t know she had. But is her yearning for Alasdair worth the risk for them both?

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In the next installment of her captivating new Dragon Kings series, New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant connects an enigmatic and determined Dragon King and a courtesan sent to tempt him to his doom.

He’s a man of few words, but she fills his soul with poetry.

Quiet. Brooding. Capable. Shaw’s mission is simple: Root out Stonemore’s leader and determine what the Divine has in store for the people of Zora and the Kings. Just as he gets started, however, a breathtakingly beautiful woman finds and tempts him like no other. Nothing can stop him from engaging in the pleasures she offers. After all, pillow talk is sometimes the best way to uncover secrets.

Nia’s life has never been hers. From starving on the streets to becoming a slave to the Divine, she merely does what’s needed to survive. But when her latest assignment brings her face-to-face with a handsome man who makes her feel things she’s never experienced before, she begins to see that while she’s been living, she’s not really thriving.

As truths are revealed, and Nia’s blinders are removed, she realizes that she can no longer sit by and allow things to continue as they have been in her city. It’s time to take a stand. With Shaw by her side, they spark a war so many have tried to avoid. But the injustices being perpetrated must be stopped—no matter the cost.

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