***Information as of DRAGON REVEALED and DARK ALPHA’S OBSESSION. If you’ve not read these book, there will be SPOILERS.***

Dragon King Series

Black Dagger

Dagger used in the very first Fae murder. Holds unspeakable evil.

Chains of Mordare

Fabled chains made by a powerful Dark thought to be lost that once bound, couldn’t be broken. They slowly drain the magic from a Fae.


Shape atop the waterfall in the Dragonwood on Campbell land where the Dragon Kings killed the mortal woman who tried to betray Ulrik. It is a doorway onto Dreagan where not even dragon magic can detect anyone.

Dragon bridge

Magical bridge constructed from the magic of all the Dragon Kings to allow the dragons to leave Earth and go to another realm to live.

Dragon Fire

The hottest substance in the world. It can burn through anything, and turn a body to ash in seconds.

Dragon King Mate

Dragons mate for life, and the Kings are no different. Once a mate has been chosen, there is a special ceremony deep within the mountain at Dreagan Manor. After the vows have been said, a tattoo appears on the mate’s left arm, symbolizing the pairing and marking her as a Mate. She will live as long as her King, their lives forever bound.

The Commune

A company with ties back to Mikkel/Ulrik.

Immortality Stone

Relic hidden away unbeknownst to the Dragon Kings

Lily’s Tattoo

The tattoo Lily got on the inside of her arm when she was ready to face the past. “Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.”

Queen’s Guard

Light Fae with special skills and power who guard the Fae Queen, Usaeil.

The Weapon

Sought by the Dark Fae, everyone knows that it can kill the Dragon Kings. It’s hidden by Con in his mountain on Dreagan.

Wooden Dragon

Small carved wooden dragon in the shape of Con found by Dmitri and Faith on Fair Isle that has magic of Druids (mie and drough) and Fae (Light and Dark). Everyone who touches it is affected differently.

World Whisky Consortium

Annual gathering of all the whisky makers from around the world in Paris. Open to the public. Dreagan is always the top draw for the public, and the winner in nearly all the contests.

Dark Sword/Dark Warrior Series

Demon's Kiss

Vial of blood worn around Cara’s neck in DANGEROUS HIGHLANDER that holds her mother’s blood and gives her magic added power. It is worn by all drough and sought after by Deirdre to secure her immortality. However, a drough can use the blood of their Demon’s Kiss to help heal their wounds.

Drough Blood

Extremely toxic to Warriors. One drop of drough blood in an open wound can kill them.


Small yellow creatures with huge mouths of sharp teeth created by Deirdre to do her bidding.


The names of each family who took a god into their strongest warrior written by the ancient Celts and given to the mie for safe keeping. Whoever has the scroll holds the power.

Tablet of Orn

A pice of the puzzle the Druids and Warriors followed in their quest to take down Deirdre. The table is located on the Isle of Skye.

X90 Bullets

Specialized bullets made by Declan Wallace that are filled with drough blood that will kill a Warrior.

Book of Craigan

Located on the Isle of Eigg and hidden away by the Druids who once inhabited the isle, it’s found by Gwynn and is a clue to locating the object that can kill Deirdre.


First mention of creatures that hunt magical beings and feed off their blood is in Mesopotamia.