Men descended from the Celtic warriors who took in the primeval gods in order to rid Britain of Rome. The gods were later bound but descended through the bloodline of the most powerful warrior in the family. Each Warrior possesses abilities, or powers, from their god. Some more powerful than others.


Primeval gods buried in Hell and so ancient their names have been forgotten. Their great powers give them rise when the Druids called them forth to possess fierce Celtic warriors.

Arran MacCarrick

Arran has dark brown hair and honey colored eyes. He has Memphaea, the god of malice, within him, giving him the power over snow and ice. Color choice: white
Married to Dr. Veronica (Ronnie) Reid

Broc MacLaughlin

With long blond hair and brow eyes, Broc has Poraxus, the god of manipulation within him. The only Warrior with wings, Broc has the power to find anyone, anywhere. Color choice: dark blue
Married to Sonya

Camdyn MacKenna

Sculel, the god of the underworld, is housed within Camdyn, giving him the power to control the ground/earth. He has long black  hair and dark eyes. His color choice: brown
Married to Saffron Fletcher

Charon Bruce

Not feeling a part of the Warriors, Charon goes out on his own and opens a pub. He went to Deirdre and has his god unbound. He has chin length dark brown hair and dark eyes. Ranmond, the god of war, is within Charon giving him the power of disintegration over objects. Has horns that curve around his forehead. Color choice: copper
Married to Laura Black

Duncan Kerr

Farmire, the father of battle, resides in him as well as his twin, Ian. His power is the ability to cancel another’s powers. Color choice: pale blue

Fallon MacLeod

The leader of the Warriors, Fallon has long, straight dark brown hair and dark green eyes. The leader of the Warriors. Has Apodatoo, the god of revenge that he shares with his two brothers. His power is teleportation. Wears the boar head torc. Color choice: black
Married to Larena (female Warrior)

Galen Shaw

Has Ycewold, the trickster god, inside him granting him the power to read people’s minds. He has long, dark blond hair and cobalt eyes. Color choice: green.
Married to Reaghan

Hayden Campbell

Has Ouraneon, the god of massacre, within him, giving him the power over fire. He has shoulder length blond hair and black eyes. While in Warrior form, he has small horns atop his head. Color choice: red
Married to Isla

Ian Kerr

Light brown hair and brown eyes, Farmire, the father of battle, resides within Ian, as well as his twin, Duncan. The power that went to Ian is the ability to absorb another’s power. Color choice: pale blue
Married to Danielle (Dani) Buchanan

Larena Monroe

The only female Warrior. Larena’s goddess was unbound by a Druid in order for Larena to keep a scroll with a list of names of every family who had a god in their bloodline hidden. Has long, golden blonde hair and smoky blue eyes. Lelomai, the goddess of defence, gives Larena, the only female Warrior, the ability of invisibility. Color choice: iridescent
Married to Fallon MacLeod

Logan Hamiltan

Logan has wavy, golden brown hair and hazel eyes. He has Ahtleus, the god of betrayal, within him, giving him power over water. Color choice: silver
Married to Gwynn Austin

Lucan MacLeod

The middle MacLeod brother, Lucan has shoulder length black hair and sea green eyes. Favors twin braids on either side of his temples. Has Apodatoo, the god of revenge that he shares with his two brothers. His power is control over darkness and shadows. Wears the griffin head torc. Color choice: black
Married to Cara

Malcom Monro

Deirdre tried to kill him as a mortal, before discovering he was a Warrior. He has golden blond hair and azure eyes. He  has Daal,  knows as “The Devourer” inside him with the power of lightning. Color choice: maroon.
Married to Evangeline (Evie) Walker

Phelan Stewart

Taken from his family as a small boy and held as Deirdre’s prisoner for hundreds of years because his blood has the ability to heal anything. He has very long dark brown hair with blue-gray eyes. He’s also from mortal royalty, as well as half-Fae. Has Zelfor, the god of torment within him, granting him the power to manipulate reality. Color choice: gold.
Married to Aisley (The Phoenix)

Quinn MacLeod

The youngest MacLeod has long, wavy light brown hair and pale green eyes. Has Apodatoo, the god of revenge that he shares with his two brothers. His power is being able to communicate with animals. Wears the wolf head torc. Color choice: black
Married to Marcail

Ramsey MacDonald

The only Warrior who is also a Druid. He is from a line of very powerful Druids where only the men were capable of harnessing such power. He has long, black hair and gray eyes. Ethexia, the god of thieves, chose Ramsey, giving him the power of mass manipulation. Color choice: bronze
Married to Tara Kincaid