Constantine: A History

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Title: Constantine: A History
Series: Dark Kings #11.6
Release Date: September 12, 2017
ISBN13: 978-1942017400


Who is Constantine, King of Dragon Kings? It’s a question asked by many. Here is your chance to learn some of this enigmatic leader’s history – and get a unique look inside the Dragon Kings.

This is a short story involving Constantine from the New York Times bestselling Dark King series by Donna Grant.

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The 12th of August, human year 1601



As I write this, I cannot help but look back over the years. The date the mortals use means nothing to me, or any of the other Dragon Kings. Yet, we are bound by it, if we are to live in their world.

A world I helped to create.

A world my kind must now hide in.

I finished visiting those Dragon Kings who have chosen to sleep. It is a burden I gladly take on to give my brethren a chance to escape the hellish lives we have chosen to live. After all these untold thousands of years that rain around me like the stars above, it doesn’t get any easier.

I soldier on, as do the other Kings. Because we hold out hope that one day we’ll be able to bring our dragons home again.

Even as I impart the past decade of information to the sleeping Kings, I know there is one thought that never leaves them. When can they see their dragons again? I wish I had an answer.

But even as all of the magic on this realm flows through me, I have no solution.

V was the last Dragon King I saw. I sat beside him as he slept, but I could still feel his rage for what the humans had done to him. For V – and aye, even for Ulrik – the answer is simple. Show the mortals who we really are. Resume our rightful place as rulers of the realm with magic and might.

But how can I? After every King swore to protect the defenseless, magic-less mortals?

There is no remedy. Just as I feel the magic draining from this world, I wonder how long before we can remain hidden. Before we have no choice but to show the humans that dragons are a part of their world.

Before we’re once more at war.

Though I will try and tell the mortals there is no weapon they have that can destroy us, I know they will not listen. Still, I will attempt to save them – even though I know the end result will be their demise.

There is no winning for either side, but especially not for us Dragon Kings. Not now, and I fear not ever.


Constantine, the King of Golds

King of Dragon Kings