Ignite the Magic

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Title: Ignite the Magic
Series: ,
Release Date: August 15, 2023

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant delivers an epic prequel to her long-running and critically acclaimed Dark Universe series.

Passion’s magic ignites a fire too hot to touch—and too wicked to die…

The stars have always called to Ailis, beckoning her to see what other realms were out there. She’s told its impossible, but that doesn’t stop her need to explore beyond what others believe. Ailis never expected to change history by creating the first doorway to another realm. She certainly never imagined opening that door to find a commanding dragon who shifts into a man. She’s irresistibly drawn to Lennox, powerless against the yearning of her body and the longing of her heart.

Magic might have chosen Lennox as King of Dragon Kings, but it’s a position he’s never wanted. Until the day a new being arrives—and irrevocably changes his life. The closer he gets to the fearless, ravishing woman, the more he fights the passion that flares between them. He lives only for his duty, but one fiery kiss unleashes a firestorm of desire that will ripple across eons and realms. Fate might have brought them together, but will it also tear them apart?

The origins of the Dark Kings/Dragon Kings and the entire Dark Universe is finally revealed.

Also in this series:

Lennox knew every creature on the realm, and the one before him wasn’t one of them. The being was small, seemingly harmless, but underestimating her would be his folly. He climbed out of the water, intending to investigate this new arrival—and what it wanted. His duty was to protect the dragons and the realm itself—from anything he deemed a threat. And until he knew differently, the newcomer was exactly that.

While he didn’t know what it was yet, his magic informed him that it was female. He took in her exotic look, finding it surprisingly appealing. Her thick hair fell nearly to her hips, the black strands woven with bright silver. Her oval face was both delicate and fierce—a combination that utterly intrigued him. Her crimson eyes were ringed in black, making her thick, midnight lashes more pronounced. She had high cheekbones, a stubborn tilt to her chin, and lips that drew his gaze again and again.

She wore garments to cover herself, which he found curious. Though he had to admit he liked the way they contoured to her body, showcasing every amazing curve. The article closest to her skin was so dark a green it was nearly black. Over that was a piece of black leather laced up her front to end in a V at her breasts, showing the green beneath it and then her beige skin.

Draped across her body was a length of leather with a bag attached at the end. Her legs were encased in black with material that looked as supple and pliable as skin. Her feet were also covered in leather, albeit thicker, the material going all the way up to her knees.

His gaze moved back to her mouth as she spoke. He frowned as he listened to the inaudible words. Lennox then noticed the iridescent orbs in each of her hands. He immediately realized it was magic of some sort. So, this female had magic as dragons did. Interesting.

She spoke again, and his power began to decipher the words.

“…well? Get on with it,” she demanded.

Lennox fought not to smile at her pluck. He wanted to talk to her, but dragons didn’t communicate as she did. No sooner had the thought gone through his mind than pain shot through him. Bones snapped, and muscles and ligaments tore. A bellow locked in his throat at the agony. It felt like it went on forever, and then it was just…gone.

He suddenly found himself no longer towering over the female. Lennox glanced down at himself to see that he looked like her. That wasn’t possible. He lifted his hands, expecting to see his long talons, but they were gone. As were his scales.

“Bloody hell,” she murmured, her voice soft with surprise.

He knew he was stunned. This had never happened before. He swallowed and worked his mouth as she continued eyeing him suspiciously. Lennox wanted to move, but he was still testing his new body. The last thing he wanted was to fall flat on his face. The female might just use those balls of magic on him.

Lennox flexed his fingers and squeezed his toes in the rocks that lined the shore. He rotated his shoulders before stilling as something landed against his cheek. He reached up to feel it. He tugged but discovered it was attached to his head.

“That’s your hair,” the female stated.

He looked at her black and silver locks and tried to see his. To his surprise, he could move it around enough to see that it was a golden hue.

“You understand me?”

Lennox’s gaze slid to her as he nodded. But he didn’t try for words. He touched his face. His long snout and sharp teeth were gone. Once more, hands drew his gaze. He rubbed his fingers along his thumb, captivated by the feeling. This was entirely different than what he experienced in his other form. There were thousands more sensations, each demanding his attention.