Kindred: The Fated Trilogy

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Title: Kindred: The Fated Trilogy
Series: Kindred: The Fated #4
Release Date: April 9, 2024

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant blends the magic of Scottish and Norse tradition in the Kindred: The Fated Trilogy. The bundle includes all three bestselling titles.

When a mysterious illness befalls his clan, taking many lives, Rob Mackenzie finally goes to check on the person squatting in the cottage on his family’s land. He hopes to find help. He doesn’t expect the most enchanting and enigmatic woman he’s ever seen or the way she makes him feel—the passions she rouses. But it’s clear she has secrets, and earning her trust may be the toughest battle of his life.

Banished by his father and laird, Rory Sutherland does what he swore he’d never do—return to Scotland. But a dangerous threat has risen, and it’s turned its gaze to his beloved home. He risks everything to find the witch who can stop the growing menace. Asa’s power and beauty excites him. Her allure seduces him. She’s his match in every way. And nothing will ever be the same after being touched by her magic.

As a warrior and the Lady’s right hand, Armir will not stop searching for Malene. When he does, she’s not the woman he remembers. Driven by an undying love that transcends the boundaries of time and space, Armir risks everything for her. But enemies lurk in the shadows, waiting to strike. Will he and Malene overcome their pasts to find a future together?

“I really enjoyed both the Kindred and Kindred: The Fated series, they are very detailed and exciting and the characters are captivating.” – Joanne, reviewer

“This is filled with happiness and agonizing sorrow, love and betrayal, battle royals and true friendship. And let's not forget the shocker towards the end.” - Kristen, reviewer

“Chapter after chapter of cliffhanging moments that I refused to leave. Suspense and action filled the pages of the trilogy, earning me a magnificent ending. The ending was worth every gut clenching moment.” – Trudy, reviewer

“All great stories that will not only hold your interest while transporting you to this fantasy world. Each is complex but fit together as a trilogy perfectly.” – Paula, reviewer

“Oh My Goodness!!! Curses, witches, nymphs … Everything one could want and more!” – Laura, reviewer

“These last three books are an awesome continuation into this world, giving closure to two people very much loved in The Kindred series.” – Nancy, reviewer

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