A Forbidden Temptation

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Title: A Forbidden Temptation
Series: The Shields #4
Release Date: December 17, 2012
ISBN13: 978-0988208469

New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant’s sexy Shield series!


As one of the youngest men ever to have the title of general in ancient Rome’s great army, fame and fortune were my bedmates. I was chosen by the Fae for my mastery of any weapon. Though the Shields like to claim they are stronger because of my abilities, I know I am only alive today because the Fae found me before my demons could put an end to my life.

Adventure and danger have always ruled me, and I thrive on the thrill of the hunt. I am loyal to the Shields, willing to give my life to follow Hugh and the others to fulfill their oaths to save the world.

Who would have known following such great men would lead me to Nicole?

She is everything I have ever wanted in a woman and more. She is innocent and pure and beautiful of face and spirit. And she deserves better. Yet, every time I think of her in the arms of another man, I find that I cannot let her go.

For better or worse, Nicole has bound herself to me. I just pray the demons loosen their hold before the past catches up with me and repeats itself.

Valentinus Romulus


4 Cups! “This book is a delightful story with plenty of intrigue and secrets. I adored how Ms. Grant reveals just enough information to keep the reader begging for more.” – Regina, Coffee Time Romance

4 Hearts! “…one my top favorite stories…Congratulations to Ms. Grant for making this story a memorable journey that left this reviewer thoroughly enthralled.”
– Sunshine, Love Romances & More

“I was completely drawn in by this complex story. I now have to go back and read the first three books in this series.”
– Tasha, Romance Junkies

“A Forbidden Temptation is another exciting story in The Shields series. The romance, sensuality and danger are present as always, but A Forbidden Temptation also offers several surprises.”
– Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed

4 Hearts! “Once again the characters and imagery are vibrant and full of life, bringing the reader fully into the story from start to finish.”
– Samantha Ann, Night Owl Romance

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Highlands of Scotland

Winter 1436

The icy fingers of winter had nature firmly in her grasp. The cold slammed into Valentinus Romulus’s body as soon as he stepped through the time portal. As one of the youngest generals in Rome’s great army, he had experienced his fair share of climates. But this one was frigid.

The Highlands, Aimery had told him.

Val blew out a breath and watched it cloud around him through the light of the full moon. The bitter temperatures had him gritting his teeth as he gripped his halberd tightly in his hand.

He wasn’t here by chance. It was the magic of the Fae that had moved him through time to this very spot. When he was exactly, he had no idea. But then again, this was part of the work that he loved.

Being a Shield had its advantages. Val loved the constant danger he was in. It made him feel alive, and helped to banish the demons he couldn’t shake.

The Shields were fighting mythological creatures wreaking havoc on Earth in order to reach the Chosen – women who had the power to end the evil controlling the beasts. Which is why Val had been brought here.

He scanned the darkness slowly, noting the eerie quiet that had descended upon the area. He drew in a deep breath and frowned.


Val quickly crouched down in the thick snow. He was out in the open and the nearest grove of trees was several strides away. He would have to make a dash for it, but the heavy blanket of snow would slow him down.

Just as he was about to bolt, he heard it. The steady flap of wings. Val raised his head and spotted the great beast silhouetted against the dark sky.

“By the gods,” he whispered in awe and unease. He hesitated only a heartbeat before he stood and ran to the trees.

The small grove offered little protection. With the shadows hiding him, Val took his time scouting the area. To his left a castle stood high atop one of the smaller mountains with a village in the valley below. Massive mountains surrounded the area, making it near impossible to reach the town or castle without being seen from many leagues away.

His gaze searched the skies again, and it didn’t take him long to find the creature. With no word from Gabriel, the other Shield who was supposed to meet him, Val would have to do this alone.

He missed having Roderick and Elle with him, but with the Great Evil closing in quickly, Roderick had to take Elle and the other Chosen where they could be protected.

Only one more Chosen needed to be found to end the evil. Only one more woman who bore the mark, and then all this could end.

From the brief conversation Val had with Aimery, the Fae Commander had told him that Cole, another Shield, had not only found his mate, but had also found the third Chosen. It was cause for celebration, but the reveling would have to wait. Evil still had a tight hold on Earth.

Val was about to make his way to the village when he heard the crunch of snow, signaling someone was close. He tensed and gripped his halberd, his weapon of choice, with both hands, ready to strike at a moment’s notice.

He molded his back to a tree and waited. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the shadow against the snow. He stepped out and aimed the point of his halberd at the throat of the man.

“Who are you?” he demanded

A soft chuckle, devoid of humor, reached him. Val tried to peer into the hood of the cloaked form but saw only shadows. The man did not smell of evil, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t evil.

“And here I thought I might receive a warm welcome,” the man said and swept aside the hood of his cloak. “Especially since I’m freezing my balls off.”

Val instantly lowered his weapon as he recognized Gabriel. He shook his head and clasped Gabriel’s forearm with a welcoming grin. “I was beginning to wonder where you were.”

“I’ve been scouting the area,” Gabriel replied. “I knew Aimery would have you arrive outside the village.”

“Did you see the creature?” Val asked.

Gabriel’s silver eyes met his. “I did. I was on my way to the village when you stopped me.”

“Then let’s go,” Val said.

Without another word the two men started toward the village. Hunting was the second thing they did well. The first was battle, and they were eager to end the beast.

They had gone only a few steps when they heard the shrill scream.

Val exchanged a look with Gabriel before lengthening his strides to race down the mountain, Gabriel on his heels. They saw the flames of the fires lightening the sky before they reached the village.

“The creature will be after the Chosen one,” Gabriel yelled over the cries of the villagers.

Val nodded grimly. “Let’s hope we find her in time.”

Neither spoke as they reached the village and took in the devastation. Chaos reigned as people ran about, their shrieks echoing in the night. Some held the wounded. Some held the dead.

Yet not all the village had been touched.

“He left us a trail,” Val said and pointed to the line of destruction.

Gabriel smiled. “Let’s not keep him waiting.”