A Kind of Magic

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Title: A Kind of Magic
Series: The Shields #2
Release Date: March 22, 2012
ISBN13: 978-0988208421

New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant returns with the Shields in the next installment featuring love and sacrifice.

Greetings Dear Reader,

I’m an immortal prince of Thales. I’ve lived a life of grandeur, revered and respected, but my one true love was combat. I was given an extraordinary gift in my battle abilities and soon became known as Thales’ finest warrior. But all that changed the day my brother died, and evil descended upon my realm. With Thales on the verge of ruin, I bound myself to the Shields to protect the realms from the wickedness that ravages them. But I have a dark secret that I must atone for. Then, and only then, can I return to Thales and face my family. My special battle skills and my immortality keep my goals in front of me. They have always been clear…

Until Elle.

Elle makes me long for things I cannot have. Her innate goodness makes me want to grasp what she offers with both hands, but I know that we can never have what she seeks. Elle bears a mark that signals her one of a chosen few who were sent to Earth as infants. She and the others who bear the mark must be found and kept hidden from the ancient evil that seeks them, for they hold the key to the evil’s ruination.

The only way to keep Elle safe is to keep her by my side, but can I resist the temptation to take her love?

Roderick of Thales


RECOMMENDED READ “I absolutely love the Shields…I may have to stalk Ms. Grant for the next book…”
– Klarissa, Joyfully Reviewed

“Well-drawn with just enough detail to whet one’s appetite for the next volumes to this fully robust adventure. Donna Grant’s star should not only continue to rise but sky-rocket with this dynamite new series.”
– Marilyn, The Mystic Castle

5 Clovers! “…this new offering to The Shields is complete with some delicious twists and surprises!”
Jennifer, CK2S

“A Kind of Magic is a whirlwind adventure that doesn’t stop, it takes you on a wild ride of danger, love and the ever persistent battle between good and evil…bring on the next Shield!”
– January, The Mystic Castle

4 Hearts! “The fast paced action mixed with tender emotions once again takes the reader on an adventure not soon to be forgotten.”
– Samantha Ann, Night Owl Romance

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Elle’s breath caught in her throat as she gazed up at the man who held her in his arms. She found herself staring into eyes of dark blue, like the churning waters of the Atlantic.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled incoherently.

One side of his mouth lifted in a smile as he stood her up and on her feet.

“Nothing to apologize for.”

She couldn’t stop staring at him. He looked like he just stepped off the cover of GQ with a body she was sure he spent half a day in the gym to get, and a face that made her knees weak. Literally.

When she managed to look away from his fascinating eyes, she found a strong jaw line, wide, thin lips, and a high forehead. Dark blonde hair hung to his shoulders, adding more appeal to him. A regular rugged looking man, if you liked that type.

Which she did.

She cringed inwardly and tried to swallow as she looked away from his face. Wrong move, since she found herself now gazing at his amazing chest and arms. She had never really cared for the body building type, but on this guy all those muscles just added to his good looks.

Her eyes went to his wide shoulders and the steel gray shirt that molded to his body. She knelt down to pick up her clipboard and let her gaze wander down his long legs encased in black denim. He wore jeans like only male models could. Perfectly.

She was dying for him to turn around so she could get a view of his butt.

What is wrong with me, she thought to herself.

You want him.

So she did. Men like him didn’t pay her a bit of attention. To her surprise, he bent down next to her and helped her pick up her papers.

“Do you work here?” he asked.

This time she noticed his peculiar accent. “Yes. You’re not from around here, are you?”

He shook his head. “First time in Houston.”

“What do you do?”

“Do?” he asked, his brows bunched together in confusion.

Elle finished gathering her papers and stood. “Job. What kind of job do you have?”

“I don’t.”

Great. Here I thought I had found someone good, only to find he’s a bum. A good-looking bum, but still a bum.

“Oh. Where do you live?” Elle didn’t know why she asked that, just being nice she supposed.

“The Huntington in River Oaks.”

Her mouth nearly dropped open. That was one of the nicest condominiums a person could live in Houston. He wasn’t a bum, he was rich.

“Ah,” she managed. “I hear that’s a nice place.”

He shrugged his thick shoulder. “Why don’t you come by sometime and take a look?”

Had he just asked her out? No, couldn’t be. He said ‘sometime’, which translated into ‘I’m just being nice’.

“Maybe,” she said and turned back to the Viking sword.

“How about tonight?”

Her pencil dropped from her fingers as she faced him. He bent down to retrieve it, giving her time to regroup. She stared at his large hand as he handed her the pencil.

“Interested? I would love to take you to dinner, but I don’t really know the town.”

Despite the fact that she had lived alone long enough to know not to go to a strange man’s house, much less let him know where she lived, she felt a strange sense of trust with this man that she had never felt with anyone before.


His face fell. “You must already have plans.”

“Actually…I don’t.”

The smile returned. “So, you’ll come?”

“What floor?”

“The top.”

She thought it over for a moment. “All right, but for one drink only.”

“Perfect. My name is Roderick Thales,” he said smoothly.

“Elle,” she said and extended her hand. “Elle Blanchard.”

He took the hand she offered and brought it to his lips. “A lovely name.”

His eyes bored into her as his lips lightly grazed her knuckles. Her breath rushed past her lips that had parted slightly, and she knew at that moment, had he taken her, she would have let him.

“Until tonight,” he said and released her hand.

As he walked out of the weaponry exhibit, she finally got her view of his butt.

Perfect. Just like the rest of him.