The Seduced

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Title: The Seduced
Series: Rogues of Scotland #4
Release Date: February 9, 2015



For centuries, Innes MacKay’s family has been tasked with protecting a sleeping warrior prophesied to be the savior of their clan. From the moment Innes took over guardianship, the handsome Highlander became her closest confidant – and the object of her fantasies. When fate makes clan MacKay ripe for takeover, Innes wakes the man from his enchanted sleep ready to do whatever is necessary to save her people, even if it means never giving in to her heart.


Kept ageless and asleep for two hundred years, Daman Thacker wakes with no memory and no voice, his driving desire to find the woman who comforted him during his endless slumber. Her voice and touch seduced him, and now that he’s awake, he will do anything to find her and make her his. Unfortunately, helping her save her clan may require letting her go…

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The sweet voice was back. Daman drifted upon nothingness, but every once in awhile he heard a woman’s voice. At first he hadn’t been able to hear the words. It was just a sound, a calming, reassuring sound that he sought. Then the words became clear, as if she were right next to him.

It felt like eternity stretched endlessly before him in between the times he heard her. He didn’t know her name, didn’t know her face or why she was with him, but he felt…comforted when she was near.

It wasn’t just her voice that affected him. It was her touch as well. How he longed for more, craved for more of her soft caress.

She only ever touched his arms, face, and chest. Yet he yearned for her to go lower, to take his cock in hand. But she never did.

The sadness in her voice this time gave him pause. As did the part where she said he was supposed to help her. Help her how? He didn’t even know who he was or why he couldn’t seem to wake from the endless sleep.

He suddenly needed to know why her family kept watch over him, and why she thought putting something in his hand would wake him.

She mentioned marriage. He didn’t want her to marry and never touch him again. He needed to see her face, to know her name.

To run his hands over her skin as she had done his countless times.

He wanted to know the color of her hair and eyes, to see her smile. Most importantly, he wanted to be the one who saved her clan.

For the first time, he really fought against the strain of sleep. The warm metal in his hand heated, and his fingers gripped it tighter.

It felt as if he were swimming in a sea of tar. Every time he tried to surface, it yanked him back. But he kept swimming, kept struggling.

He kept her voice running through his head. His skin tingled from the memory of her touch.

Then, he saw the faintest pinprick of light. His fought even harder against the tide keeping him asleep. The more he struggled, the more the light grew.

Suddenly, his eyes snapped open and he sucked in a mouthful of air. He sat up, looking around for the woman. But his eyes only found an empty cavern dimly lit from torches along the walls.

He looked down at his hand and opened his fingers. The moment his gaze locked on the amulet, he recognized it.

“The next time you see this, your destiny will be before you. The path you choose will seal your fate.”

The old woman’s voice was loud in his mind as her words replayed. What path did she mean? To him he had but one – to help the woman who came to him.

The question was: who was the woman, and where did he find her?