Happy January



Happy January!! A new year with new possibilities. A blank slate just waiting for each of us to start a new story. What will this year hold for you?

Here’s a look at my favorites from December…


I feel as if I’ve waited an eternity for this movie, and it DIDN’T DISAPPOINT!

It was so much fun to watch. A wonderful cap on a magical Christmas day.

While I loved Knives Out, I honestly think this is even better. The writing, the actors, the costumes, the setting. EVERYTHING about this movie was fabulous. Well worth the wait!

And I’m eager for the next movie. Meanwhile, I’ll be rewatching Knives Out and Glass Onion, because each time I do, I pick up things that I missed in previous viewings. There’s just so much to see. And hear. Because each character gives away tiny hints each time they’re on screen—whether they’re talking or not. THAT is magnificent writing!


There has been a lot of controversy about Blood Origins, and while I agree that it should’ve been longer and they should have delved more into some of the backstory, I still really loved it.

I haven’t read The Witcher books, so I don’t have that bias as so many do who have taken to the internet to talk about Blood Origins. I love The Witcher world, and this was a lovely foray into the origins.


I adored all 7 of our heroes, but it won’t come as any surprise that Fjall was my absolute favorite.




This is the third book in the A Stitch in Time series by Kelley Armstrong, and it is my favorite of the three (including the three novellas).


The entire series is fabulous fun, but there is something about Miranda’s story that outshone the others.


If you like time travel stories, be sure to try this series!

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