***Information as of TORCHED and DARK ALPHA’S LOVER. If you’ve not read these book, there will be SPOILERS.***


Group of 7 Fae chosen by Death for their skills in battle. Death is the judge and jury, the Reapers are the executioners. Once a Reaper, their magic and strength is tripled. No Fae can win against a Reaper. They have only 3 rules:

  • No Fae can know their existence or they die
  • Not permitted to have any contact with family and friends
  • Can’t have any relationships.

Aisling (ASH-ling)

A Dark Fae who favors her long black and silver hair in various braids. She wears her nails long and painted blood red, and only wears red and black clothes.


The Daredevil. The Light Fae Reaper has short black hair and silver eyes. He has a penchant for being reckless and questioning things.
Married to Jordyn Patterson

Bradach (BRA-dəkh)

Light Fae who doesn’t look like a warrior, though he sees everything. Short black hair and silver eyes.

Cael (kayl)

The Light Fae is the leader of the Reapers. He has very long black hair and takes his responsibility as a Reaper seriously. He feels as if he was born to the role.

Cathal (KA-hal)

Dark Fae with very long black and silver hair. He’s the tallest of the Reapers and tends to be on the wild side, allowing his recklessness to rule him.

Daire (d ai r)

The Rogue. A Light Fae Reaper sent on assignment by Death to follow Rhi. He has long black hair and silver eyes.
Married to Ettie O’Byrne

Death/Erith (EAR ith)

Being older than time, with immense powers. She has her own realm where she watches over the Fae and keeps the balance between good and evil. She has blue black waist length wavy hair and lavender eyes.

Dubhan (DUWV-aeN)

Dark Fae who doesn’t know the meaning of forgiveness. He gives no quarter when facing his opponents.

Eoghan (Oh un)

The tortured one. A Light Fae Reaper who doesn’t speak because of his past. He has chin length black hair. His quick thinking saves Cael, but send him into a vortex of magic. He and Cael are all that’s left of the original group.
Married to Thea Keegan


The Beast. Dark Fae Reaper with long white hair and red-rimmed white eyes. He was the right hand for Taraeth for centuries, and killed an untold number of Fae during that time. He was betrayed by Taraeth and captured by Usaeil who held him for a period before finally killing him.
Married to Catriona Hayes

Kyran (k ay r ih n)

The Dangerous one. Dark Fae Reaper from the influential Lightslayer family. He has shoulder length black and silver hair and red eyes. He was betrayed by his family and killed.
Married to River White

Neve Everwood (Nev)

Light Fae from a powerful family who finds herself embroiled with the Reapers. She has long straight black hair and silver eyes. She is betrayed and killed by her brother, whereas Death makes her a Reaper.
Married to Talin

Rordan (ROR-dan)

Light Fae with short black hair. He favors knives in any combat situation, and his penchant for smartass remarks usually has him on the outs with others.


The protector. Light Fae turned Reaper who with his long black hair and light silver eyes, is sent by Death to spy in the Light palace. There he falls in love with a Fae.
Married to Neve Everwood


First leader of the Reapers before Bran killed him.


Light Fae who hides his pain and fury from everyone.