***Information as of DRAGON REVEALED and DARK ALPHA’S OBSESSION. If you’ve not read these book, there will be SPOILERS.***

Dragon King Series


Council leader on Zora who could do magic. He captured dragons and tortured them. Was ultimately slain by Death.


Light Fae Other who will do whatever is necessary to save his own skin.

Dark Fae

Remain in the lower half of Ireland and ruled by the King of the Dark, Taraeth. He’s been king longer than any other before him. The Dark chose the power that turning to evil gives them. They grow stronger by taking the souls of humans during sex. With the first kill, a Dark’s eyes will turn red. Subsequent kills results in their hair beginning to turn silver, which is why the Dark have black and silver hair.

The Commune

Company that takes people with great skills and gives them jobs, taking over their lives. Run by a group of individuals who answers to one person.

Mikkel (m IH k uh l)

Uncle to Ulrik, who, for a brief second was a Dragon King. He didn’t go over the dragon bridge, remaining on earth, bound in human form and intending to one day remove Ulrik and Con to rule the Dragon Kings.


Empress of the Druids. She wants Earth for it's magic, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to wipe the Dragon Kings from existence. She began the Others and serves as the mie counterpart from her realm.


Joined with Moreann to serve the Others as a drough counterpart and take out the Dragon Kings.

The Others

A group of Light and Dark Fae and mie and drough Druids who combined their magic to attack the Dragon Kings.

Taraeth (tear ETH)

King of the Dark who believes he’s untouchable. He’s still coming to terms with Denae cutting off his left arm. He rules the Dark with an iron fist along with Balladyn by his side as his lieutenant.

Usaeil (U sail)

The Light Queen who has her sights set on becoming the queen to not just the Dragon Kings, but to all.



A Reaper who was stripped of his rank when he fell in love with a Fae and told her what he was. Death had no choice but to kill the female per their rules. Sticken with grief, Bran divided the Reapers so that they fought each other. He killed several before Death threw him into the Netherworld, a prison realm. He escaped and intends to kill the Reapers and Death and take Erith’s position.

Fae Others

Group of Light and Dark Fae intent on ruling all Fae.

Searlas (see ar les)

Lieutenant for Bran. A Dark Fae who wants nothing more than to kill the Reapers and Death. He has short black and silver hair.

Dark Sword/Dark Warrior

Deidre (dee d ruh)

A powerful drough who found the hidden scroll about the Warriors. She killed her family in order to unbind the gods within the Warriors to make an army so she could rule the world. She takes Cairn Toul Mountain as her home and keeps the Warriors there to use as she wishes. Can talk to stones and draws her magic from them. Deirdre has white eyes and long white hair that reaches the ground that she uses as a weapon.

Declan (DECK lin)

Golden blond hair and blue eyes, Declan takes over once Deirdre is killed.


Cousin to Declan, Jason steps in and takes control when Declan is defeated. He has blond hair and blue eyes with a hawkish face. His magic can make people see things that aren’t there.